Commanders Comments


   I cant tell how excited I am to have all these activities that we have planned for the Post and the Auxiliary and for our community. We have members visiting Olympic Games in Canada, a very large picnic planned, plans for Octoberfest in Jackson, bunches of work going on at The Avenue of Flags, and a lot more. I also know that there are some who would like to distract from all the good that this Post is doing and focus on other things that impede the progress that is happening. I do know that if we as an organization continue to do the same thing or something that we have always done in the past the future gets further away. Working together as Veterans we can preserve and strengthen comradeship among our members. Our goal of serving Veterans is priority number 1. All that is planned for the future will further that goal and make this Post once again the number 1 Post in the state.

   Yours in service,   Joe Wolsey