Presidents Postings

Dear Auxiliary Brothers and Sisters

                     A few of us from our Auxiliary were able to attend the National Convention in New Orleans in July.  It was a great turnout and offers the chance to meet people from all over this great country of ours.  Personally, I felt that some of the highlights were having an opportunity to view the Buddy Poppy displays, see the Patriotic Art entries as well as hearing the first place winner of the Voice of Democracy’s essay;  it was amazing and she won a $30,000 scholarship.  It restores your faith in our younger generation!  Also, there were several vendors there offering a plethora of services for our Veterans.

                     We are looking forward to a very busy season for the Post and Auxiliary.  September 9th is the Tunnels to Towers 5k Run/Walk;  check this organization out on Facebook;  they help build homes for Veterans.

On September 11th, AKA Patriot Day, the flags will be going up at about 6:30 am and down the same time in the evening.  As always, you are welcome to come out and help put them up or take them down.  The Avenue of Flags displays over 60 flags;  its’s a big job, but a rewarding one.  That evening, the Auxiliary will meet at 7:00 pm for our regular meeting;  due to the Post changing their meeting, there will be no meal served, but if anyone wants to bring a sweet treat, I don’t think there would be any argument over it!

Saturday, September 16th, is our members’ and family picnic at the VFW Lakes.  We are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Post 3838;  the Auxiliary turns 75 in June of next year, so it will be a double celebration.  The Post will provide the food, so please bring a dessert.  If we get enough desserts, we may sell whole pies/cakes/etc.  There will be activities for all and Commander Joe and I are planning to initiate new members that day.

Saturday, September 23rd is our monthly trash pick up at 10 am and Bingo at the Veterans Home which starts at 2:00 pm.  Please consider giving up an hour of your time to help these great Veterans.  They deserve it, they appreciate it, and you’ll be glad you did it!

On Sunday, September 24th, the 7th Annual Out of the Darkness walk will be held at Cape County North Park.  The walk starts at noon, but come out early and visit the various booths and see the 22 pairs of boots that we display which represents the number of Veterans we lose every day to suicide.  We encourage all to come out and support this worthwhile event.

Stay tuned, there’s much more to come!

Respectfully submitted,

Dale Ann Humphries, Auxiliary President


Commanders Comments


   I cant tell how excited I am to have all these activities that we have planned for the Post and the Auxiliary and for our community. We have members visiting Olympic Games in Canada, a very large picnic planned, plans for Octoberfest in Jackson, bunches of work going on at The Avenue of Flags, and a lot more. I also know that there are some who would like to distract from all the good that this Post is doing and focus on other things that impede the progress that is happening. I do know that if we as an organization continue to do the same thing or something that we have always done in the past the future gets further away. Working together as Veterans we can preserve and strengthen comradeship among our members. Our goal of serving Veterans is priority number 1. All that is planned for the future will further that goal and make this Post once again the number 1 Post in the state.

   Yours in service,   Joe Wolsey



Lake Committee Report

Need a place to host your family functions, birthday parties, etc.?  Renting the Lake property is perfect for all occasions.  To reserve the Main Pavilion by Nelson building or Large Pavilion by Lake is $50.  To rent the Nelson building, including the kitchen, is $70 with a $50 cleaning deposit which will be returned if area is cleaned after use.  

Legacy Wall

The wall is nearing completion with only a few spots left.  If you would like to memorialize a loved one, thank a veteran, or just add your name to the wall, please contact John Dragoni ASAP.  A discount will be given if you need more than two.  There are three sizes available: 12x12, 8x8, or 4x8. Forms can be picked up at the Post. 

Membership Report

Membership is key to every organizations success.  The Post is currently at 91.70% (that is 652 life members, 21 new members, 17 reinstated members, and 161 continuous members) with only 70.79% of our continuous members paid.  The Ladies' Auxiliary is at 91.51% (that is 293 life members, 3 new members, 5 reinstated members, and 206 continuous members).  The Men's Auxiliary currently only has 74 paid members.  We have about 15 Jr. Girls.  We must do all we can to retain, recruit, and reinstate our members.  What are you doing to assist?  We must all work together to make our Post successful for our organization, for our community, and especially, for our Veterans and their families.


Lake Rules

1) Permission to fish is granted to VFW Post 3838 members, Auxiliary members, their immediate families, and 2 guests per current member.

2) Each individual assumes ALL responsibility for injuries incurred to self, family members, guests, and minors under your charge while on VFW premises.  Card carrying member must be present at all times.

3) No hunting or discharging of firearms is permitted.  No swimming, wading, gigging, seining, trout lines, jug fishing or netting at any time.

4) No littering or dumping on premises at any time.  No defacing lake property.

5) Limit one pole or rod per fisherman.  Limit two catfish per person per day with a minimum length of 15 inches.

6) No motors allowed.

7) Camping is permitted in designated areas only.  Electric is only 15 Amps.

8) All pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 10 feet in length.  Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of in a trash receptacle. 

9) Lake Committee has the right to revoke fishing privileges.  Any VFW member has the authority to question any other person and ask for a VFW membership card at any time.  That person will be asked to leave the lake property if they cannot produce a current membership card.  Key cards are not to be loaned out, and are not a substitute for a membership card.



BASS                                    NO LIMIT

HYBRID SUNFISH                 7 INCHES

BLUEGILL                              7 INCHES

REDEAR                                 7 INCHES

CRAPPIE                                 7 INCHES

GRASS CARP                         PUT BACK IN



BASS                                      NO LIMIT

CHANNEL CATFISH               2