Meet a Member

Meet Kevin Colyott, a Life Member of Post 3838 and a Jackson, Missouri native who graduated from Jackson High School in 1983.  Kevin's first job was stocker/bagger at Schaper's IGA in Jackson.  He attended Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO), graduating in 1987 with his Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. He later earned his Masters in Management from Webster University.  While attending SEMO, he joined the Air Force ROTC, entering the United States Air Force in January 1988. He retired from the Air Force in January 2008 as a Major.  Coming full circle, he completed his military career teaching Air Force ROTC at SEMO.  He is currently the Veterans Service Supervisor in the Southeast Region for the Missouri Veterans Commission.

Kevin's military career as a Security Police Officer has given him quite the resume and taken him to various parts of the world.  He received his eligibility for the VFW in Saudi Arabia 1994-1995, during a 6-month Temporary Duty Yonder (TDY) to Price Sultan Air Base, and again in 1996-97 for a year to remote to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Then in 2004-2005 he had a six-month tour in Baghdad, Iraq with the Joint Area Support Group as the director of security for the Green Zone.  His career has taken him to such bases as Minot, North Dakota, providing security for B-52's on alert and 150 Minutemen-III missiles.  He was then assigned to Aviano AB, Italy for three years securing F-16s and a nuclear weapons storage area.  He was security police operations officer at Scott AFB, responsible for day-to-day security of the base.  He was sent TDY to Saudi Arabia as chief security police for Prince Sultan Air Base.  As the director of security at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he advised the Royal Saudi Air Force on security procedures for their Air Defense system for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Kevin's deployment to Iraq found him providing security for the first Iraqi democratic elections.  His final assignment was as an Air Force ROTC instructor at Southeast Missouri State University.  While he had many other assignments and duties during his career, he found being an ROTC instructor to be one of the most rewarding, as he was able to develop and mold new Air Force Officers.  The most challenging and memorable was his six months in Iraq. When asked what the worst part of his 20-year career was, Kevin did not hesitate for a moment to say the separation from family.  He is working to make up for all the missed birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Kevin has three children: sons Kyle (18) and Jake (21), and daughter, Erin Nicole (26), who has given him his first granddaughter Ellie Mae (2).  Ironically, Erin is married to one of his former ROTC cadets he trained who is now a Captain in the Air Force.  They are expecting their second child in March.

When he isn't busy with work or family, Kevin enjoys watching the St. Louis Cardinals and, if time allows, boating and fishing during the summer.

Even though he retired from the military, Kevin still serves his country by helping Veterans and their families get the care and assistance they are entitled to through the VA system.  Once again Veterans serving Veterans is what the VFW stands for.  So the next time you see him, shake his hand and say thanks for a job well done.