4th of July Celebration Picnic!  Starts at 11 am at the VFW Lakes!  Drinks, Hamburgers & Hotdogs provided by the Post.  Bring a covered dish to share and bring lawn chairs.  Bingo, raffle, washers, horseshoes, dunking booth, snow cones, water balloon toss and 14 ft. tall Octopus Water Slide...it's 24 ft. long!

Commanders Comments    Posted on July 1, 2014

Comrades and Families,

I hope you can forgive me for all my rant of not being able to get all of the members here.  Sometimes frustration can make people a little edgy.  We did have our joint meeting for the Post with the Ladies Aux and the VFW members all sitting down and having a well deserved meal together.  I think that everybody was happy to see something new and also to have an opportunity to sit and socialize if only for a half hour.  I do realize that we need to probably have a little more organization when we have a joint meeting and maybe a little more time to eat.  I'm sorry but I promise in the future, I can, with your help make it better.

I know that in the news everybody is hearing a lot about the VA.  I also know that several of the Congressmen and Senators in our area have proposed legislation to try and fix these and other issues that have to do with Veterans and a Veterans ability to receive healthcare.  I know that the VFW has been doing this for 114 years.  The bureaucracy and the politics will not help us with making the system better, what will fix this is that we as a VFW stand together with each other and make our voices heard.  Trust me with the number of voices that the VFW has, if they all spoke together as one, the people in DC will hear and some might get nervous.  We here at 3838 will do our part and let them know what we want.

Now that I am off my soapbox I can also tell you that more and more activities are coming and the only way we can make sure that everyone knows is this newsletter.  If you know of someone who is not receiving it but should, please let us know.  Also if you would like to see something in this newsletter that isn't or if you see something here that you think shouldn't be here, well let us know and we will try to fix it and make it as informative and interesting to read as any.

Yours in service,

Joe Wolsey, Commander Post #3838

Dear Auxiliary Sisters,

As newly elected President I want to first say thank you to Debbie and Sheila for accepting their positions for this year to "train" me and guide me.  I want to thank all those who are going to help me grow the members, not only in numbers but also participation of meetings and events.  I hope with everyone's help there will be new faces coming out to the post.  My thoughts are continuously on those who served for our freedom and on Independence Day while we have fun at the Lakes with food, dunking booth, and watermelon eating contests we remember the men and women who fought for us.  Don't forget July 14th meeting, the L-Z need to bring dessert, meal starts at 6:15 pm.  I want all members to know I do a lot of communication through emails and Facebook messaging.  If you have ideas or suggestions please reach out to me.  To make a great organization we must show teamwork, respect, and support.  My email is sandy.prichard@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook, Sandy PittsPrichard.  Thanks again to my sisters who have entrusted me in this position.  Can't wait to meet you and enjoy our beautiful Post and Lakes.

Sincerely, Sandy Prichard

If you or someone you know are in need of medical equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, canes, etc...the Post has equipment available to loan for no charge. 

We have members who have volunteered to visit with members who are hospitalized.  If you know of someone or you yourself are hospitalized please let us know.

"Day is done, Gone the sun, From the lake, from the hill, From the sky, All is well, safely rest, God is nigh"

If you are aware of a member who has passed away or is ill, please let us know.

Arthur W. Adams, James A. Allen, Martin G. Bierschwal, William Brandon, Charles F. Bridges, Clarence R. Brown, Silas E. Campbell, Frank R. Chandler, Bennett J. Crites, Robert A. Faust, Willard F. Fisher, Grover L. Goebel, Daniel F. Hagerty, George L. Hampton, John Hancock, Robert D. Harrison, Emil H. Henneke, Ollie M. Jacobs, W. C. Kaempfer, Ray Kain, Albert D. Knight, Jesse F. Lawler, Peter A. McGuerty, H. G. Miller, Russell H. Miller, Champ C. Neavill, Frank M. Pulliam, Clyde D. R. Randol, William Schmittzehe, Frank Schoen,Tivus J. Seabaugh, Otto B. Shepard, V. S. Sitze, Roy L. Smith, Ben W. Snider, William A. Tackett, Joseph P. Tarr, Irl E. Trickey, Authur C. Vogelsang, Elmer E. Vosburgh, John D. Walley, Jesse J. Watkins, Walter W. Wedekind, John H. Young

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